Consumer Activations for Events

MARKET516 specializes in consumer activation for events.

awesome arts & crafts for all ages, genders and abilities!

  • We specialize in fun, interactive arts & crafts activations for all events.

  • We assist with incorporating your brand and/or theme with the crafts.

  • Our activations draw people in!

  • Takeaways that are useful & fun and will be kept by the consumer = longevity (your brand hangs around longer!)

  • Activity allows you extra time or time you may not have had to interact with potential customers or fans.

  • You don’t need to be a big company to enjoy the benefits of brand activation at events.


“Art is the freest mode of self-expression”,
which is probably why kids (and adults too) love art projects.
...and why our activations are always a hit!

EXAMPLE ACTIVATION IDEA #1 Photo’s with Santa at a local mall.
Sports team sponsorship looking to incorporate a takeaway into the event. Painted photo frame with team logo sticker is perfect! Consumer gets to paint the frame in team color(s), a team logo sticker is attached. Consumer displays their photo with Santa on the frame they created. Frame is displayed in home and will kept and used all year long.

Lightning santa pictures.jpg

EXAMPLE ACTIVATION IDEA #2 Block party sponsored by real estate company.
Local real estate company wanted an “interactive tent” at this block party so they hired MARKET516 to set up rock painting for the guests. This activation gave them the ability to promote their brand in a casual, fun setting perfect for adults and kids. They saw and interacted with more potential clients in this setting than if they just set up a tent and handed out literature! This activation was the hit of the whole block party (besides the free beer & food!). Brand awareness. Sense of community.

EXAMPLE ACTIVATION IDEA #3 Halloween Event at local mall.
Live music. Awesome food. Craft beer. Local arts & crafts vendors. This was a great event held at a popular mall in Tampa. Marketing wanted arts & crafts activation stations. MARKET516 set up (3) Halloween themed activations set up in various locations within the event. The ever so popular rock painting, super cute Halloween themed painted mason jars and painted pumpkins with the USO.

Picture to the right: Baby’s 1st Halloween. Mom dated the jar and said it will be a part of her Halloween decorations for years to come! She’s always going to remember where & when!